Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This is a notarized criminal report affidavit regarding USA federal education grants that are being $ have been used as defraud federal authority mandating vaccines and inflicting criminal, no shot, no school unauthorized policies, mass killings, vaccine induced children, youth $ college students infectious disease infestations, (18 USC 1117 Multiple Conspiracies To Murder Crimes) and implemented under premeditated education restructuring demise schemes (31 USC 3729 False Claims Act And 18 USC 1512 Engaging In Misleading Conduct) effectuating the criminal extermination of competent, qualified, statutory tenured and experienced educators and covertly turning around and over, targeted public schools, to documented, unregulated, criminal, satanic education cults.
This is the USA public schools demonic take over, control and demise 2010. The issues discussed are::
 Regional Killer Boyden Gray’s Name Alignments to the Criminal Creation of Race To The Top Federal Funds For Criminal Education Demise Via Defraud Education Reform and Criminal School Restructuring Schemes, Criminal Education Expert Exterminations, Disregard of Student Educational and Psychological Needs, Enjoinment of Money Laundering Rochester New York Education Criminals/Consultants, Many Utilizing Criminally Expert Identity Theft Education Impostures,

 Regional Killer Boyden Gray’s Criminal Use of Federal Education Grants To Turnover Schools to Satanic Education Cults Via Criminally Eliminating Education Experts For The Sole Purpose of
Turning Schools and Colleges into School-Based Deadly and Infectious Vaccination Clinics,

 Regional Killer Boyden Gray’s Criminal Use of Federal Education Grants To Criminally Force School Districts and Colleges to Enforce NO SHOTS, NO SCHOOL Unauthorized and Criminal Policies,

 Regional Killer Boyden Gray’s Criminal Creation and Use of Race to The Top Federal Grants for Children and Youth Vaccine Induced Infectious Disease Dissemination and Pharmaceutical Profiteering, With Children and Youth Infectious Disease Rates Used as the Federal Grants Assessment Tool and Using His Virus Creations in Student Bodies As Student and Viral Tracking’s and Effectiveness of the Grant/s Assessment,

 Regional Killer Boyden Gray’s Criminal Use of Federal Education Grants for the Obstruction of Education, Employment, Civil Rights, Student Privacy and Statutory Tenure Laws,

 Regional Killer Boyden Gray’s Criminal, Satanic, and Eugenic Attempt to Undermine President Obama’s Presidency By Orchestrating the Largest Mass Killing and Infestation Plan In History Via President Obama’s Largest Federal Education Grants For The Nation: Race To The Top (RTTT), Please see Below: [MS POWERPOINT] Creating Effective Consortia: Insights for Race to the Top ... Insights for Race to the Top Assessment Program. ...

Objectives are clear and focused: 1) support use of vaccines in the poorest ...


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